“I’m a 22 year old student whose been following the Ridges since before Graceland Ranch was invented. After watching them grow, and create such a beautifully structured environment, I can proudly say I would recommend this sober living to anyone looking for help (especially those of my age). As I study human development and addiction recovery through personal experiences and in academic settings I can testify on behalf of adolescents that the approach taken by a majority of our recovery facilities is flawed and ineffective. Pat, Danielle, Mikey and Woody have created a team that not only supports honest living but productive living as well. It’s exciting to see a recovery establishment finally take the initiative to dive into human experiences and personal flaws rather than cover the surface area of their substance abuse.”

-Sarah G. | Student

“Graceland Ranch has been the best thing to ever happen to my son. Pat & Danielle and the Graceland Ranch team have supported my son and his sobriety journey like no other & have guided him and have helped him not only to get sober but to understand and realize what life has to offer him. My son has been glowing since he stepped foot at Graceland and to say I am forever grateful isn’t enough. Ever since he has been in their care I have been able to put my head down at night and finally breathe and know he is in the right place. All of the residents at Graceland are beyond sweet and my son now has a second family that are also helping and guiding him and each other all on their journeys. To Graceland – you guys are absolutely incredible & I cannot thank you enough for helping my son find his worth.”

-Emma O. | Graduate’s Mother

“I am an active member of AA with over 13 years of continuous sobriety. I have seen great things happening at this sober living. It is a place to go if you are truly ready for change. Change is mandatory at Graceland. They provide structure, accountability, compassion, love, community, care, transparency and decades of combined recovery from their staff. The structure threads a guideline together for its residents to return to their families, relationships, society, and the workplace with integrity and value. The sky is the limit for its current and future residents.”

-Chris S. | 12 Years Sober

“I have been living here at Graceland Ranch for almost 6 months and I am absolutely amazed at the results so far! I have been struggling with drugs and alcohol for over 20 years and I have been to over 10 different types of sober livings and programs. Nothing has gotten me so far in my sobriety and closer to God than this house and structure has…. it is truly a miracle! I am so blessed to have found this house and this amazing support group. For once in my life I truly feel like I have an honest chance at staying sober and being happy!”-Carter B.

Carter B. | Graceland Graduate