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Co-Founder/ Owner

Patrick was a “hope to die” alcoholic that got sober when he was 21 years old. Music and videography are the foundation of his existence. In even of his darkest times –battling addiction, his parents’ divorce, the untimely deaths of many of his peers at the hands of substance abuse– being creative gave him a sense of purpose. Vocation. He originally gained celebrity when he was signed with Universal Mo Town’s Hip Hop group Hyper Crush.

Now, he owns Ridge Production, a production company that has collaborated with high profile clientele such as Bella Thorne, Complex Con, and Tyler Posey. His loved ones describe him as always glued to his phone – his creative brain always in search of content – to the dismay of his wife Veronica and people on the internet who question his intentions. However, don’t be fooled by his colored hair and tattoos, or his sharp tongue. He is caring, sensitive at times, and overwhelmingly passionate.



Born and raised in Los Angeles, Danielle began her career in recovery in 2009. Initially beginning her career in the entertainment business, she pursued the addiction and mental health field after going through treatment for substance abuse herself. She decided she wanted to give back and has a passion for helping others. Danielle has tremendous compassion and empathy for those who are suffering as well as their families.

With a decade of experience working in the field of substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment, over the course of her career, Danielle has gained experience serving first as a residential manager, admissions coordinator, business development, marketing manager and Director of Admissions at various facilities, including Cliffside Malibu, Inspire Malibu, Malibu Beach House, Malibu Hills, Connections in Recovery, Prominence Treatment, Sol Sanctuary and HIRA Health. Working to guide those in need, she considers it rewarding to celebrate their progress and witness their hard work. When she’s not working, Danielle enjoys art, concerts, tennis, traveling, the beach, a good book, films, and spending time with friends, family and her two bunny rabbits.


Program Director

Madison was born and raised in Southern California. At the age of 15 she started drinking and started using opiates. From there she battled with a 10 year addiction. Her family tried every form of treatment to attempt to save her life. She was sent to a year program out of state, tried Ibogaine, went to a lockdown rehab in Tijuana, Mexico, tried Suboxone maintenance, and had the naltrexone implant. After so many failed attempts to get sober, Madison and her family lost hope. She was alone, living out of her car and was constantly overdosing. It was during this rock bottom, she grew desperate enough to get sober and reached out to Graceland after being inspired from Patrick’s Tik Toks.

Madison entered Graceland March 3rd, 2021 and graduated after completing 10 months in the house. Within her first 6 months she assisted Danielle in admissions and was able to attain another admission job for a detox/residential while still being a resident of the house. Today as a Graceland graduate with over 2 years of sobriety, she was promoted to Operations Director and helps run the house. Madison is passionate about contributing back to the community that helped her get sober. She states “this house and community of people loved me until I could love myself again. I owe my life to Graceland and Jesus for bringing me here”.


Admissions Coordinator

Johnny Krump was born in a lower-income suburb of Chicago to a family of 8 siblings. Being the middle son of 5 boys and 3 girls, he lost himself as a street kid. His father was put in prison and the family moved to a small farm in Wisconsin. Times were tough and money was short… so the children were put into the foster care system. Drinking to escape his reality, he began to pass through the stages of alcoholism with other substances. 

Johnny ran away to the Hollywood streets at age 15 and lived a wild and riotous life. From the hood to the Hills, Johnny’s heart and passion for life made him a host of friends. He climbed from the streets into an apartment in Hollywood and found Alcoholics Anonymous, where he met various people from all walks of life. He met  Danielle Nepus, his long time friend, in 2008. Danielle introduced Johnny to Pat Ridge in an effort to help him get sober as he had lost everything but his life.

Danielle and Patrick opened Graceland Ranch in an effort to help people just like Johnny. Being one of the first residents at Graceland, Johnny crawled through many serious trials and tribulations with his alcoholism and trauma to eventually become a stand-up member of our community. Today Johnny is an active member of the 12 step community and has a sponsor, commitments to himself and his peers both in Graceland and outside in the Malibu community. He is an inspiration and remains an integral part of the Graceland community as both a staff member and Admissions Coordinator. His passion today is to help others. He has been reunited with his daughter and makes every effort to support her and those around him both near and far away. He’s a light in the darkness of alcoholism. and there to answer your call.