Feb 16 

Written By Locklyn Wilson


The 4th step is a very crucial part of working a AA program. It is where you get the opportunity to take a thorough look at your past. The nitty gritty of your life in a way. You go through your life and on paper write down all of your resentments and your part in each of them, then you do your fears and the final part is going over your sex inventory. If you have no clue what I’m talking about that’s okay not many people do. So like anyone alcoholics build resentments with many people over time and they Cary this with them in the 4th step you have to list every single person who you have a resentment with or else you are holding on to it and it will affect your life and sobriety. You write the name of the person the cause so why you have this resentment and the affect it has on you. Then the best part about it is you get to add your part. So for example you could say my part is being selfish by only worrying about how I look or not wanting to be a friend. this can be a very daunting step and a lot of people get stuck on this including myself. I would call my sponsor everyday and come up with any excuse as to why I couldn’t do it. And she would ask me how free I wanted to be and obviously I wanted to be free that’s why I started this whole process. But the best piece of advice I got told to get through it was that it all already happened all you have to do now is right it down . And for me that made it much easier to get through. And I know the 4th step is where a lot of people give up or go on to try something new but for me it really made sense that this would be one of the most important things for me to have finished in my life. And once complete it gives me the opportunity to fully open myself up to my higher power cause the things you are putting down are what is blocking you from that connection.

Out of the Big BookThis is an example of how we write down our resentments, the cause, and taking a look at our part in the situation.
COURAGEThe principle that is taught in Step 4 is courage. Being fearless when you take a look inward and write down your past.
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