Jun 27 

Written By Jasmine Swain

Step Ten, we continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it. Step ten is another action step where we review our day to see where we were selfish, dishonest or afraid. We ask ourselves if we were resentful and if we were wrong throughout the day we can find an opportunity to make amends. This is a maintenance step that is done daily. If this step is done the way it is intended then a fourth step or emotional turmoil can we avoided. We also have a chance to review our behavior to see if we were adding to the mainstream of life and being a productive member of society.

My experience with step 10 has been that I find it helpful to evaluate my day to see where I could have improved. This step gives me a chance to avoid building resentment which is the number one offender in the demise of alcoholics. I get to put pen to paper what I was proud of and what could have easily been avoided. I think this step is an awesome way to build a better tomorrow.

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